VIDEO: FutureOn Launches New Software for Digital Field Planning


FutureOn, a software company focused on the energy sector, has said it has designed a tool "for the next-generation energy engineer that will impact project economics across the full lifecycle."

According to the company, the software called FieldTwin Design 6.0, previously FieldAP, provides oil and gas, offshore renewables, and emerging sectors "with the muscle of unrivaled spatial representation, intuitive navigability, and meaningful, data-rich intelligence from concept through to decommissioning."

"Proven benefits of the expanded and upgraded FutureOn digital planning concept, built over several years as an indispensable energy industry tool, are significant across field design, well planning, pipeline engineering and beyond," FutureOn said.

"These benefits include improved efficiencies when planning new assets, maintenance, and modifications; reduced costs compared with traditional design approaches; and visibility at the earliest project stages, minimizing the need for late-phase revision, redrafting, and/or correction," it added.

FutureOn also said that the tool enables increased collaboration across project teams, operators, and contractors, and makes it easy to transfer from the design stage into digital twin capabilities.

"FieldTwin Design 6.0 offers a powerful new 3D engine, feature-rich user interface and industry-leading data/metadata integration. The result is a cutting-edge – yet proven – design and digital twin package that is easier, cleaner, and more responsive to use," the company said.

"FutureOn’s technology has been proven on client projects to reduce planning and design time by up to 80%, whilst reducing FEED and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) time, which has led to savings of between one and two years from discovery to first oil," it added.

"FieldTwin Design 6.0, previously FieldAP, is a multi-functional and intuitive product that features more muscle, more heart and a bigger brain," said Jostein Lien, Senior Vice President of Products at FutureOn.

"From initial concept through to operations and decommissioning, our design and digital twin package will help to speed savings and minimize time to first oil while providing increased control and encouraging maximum collaboration from the earliest stage," he added.

Below are some of the features of the tool, as shared by the developers:

  • Powerful and game-changing 3D Engine – the core of FieldTwin Design 6.0 offers a massive speed optimization for large and complex field and subsurface layouts
  • More efficient User Interface – a streamlined control system creates a more productive digital platform, and the ability to achieve meaningful results in a fraction of the time
  • Increased visual fidelity – details including field infrastructure, reservoirs, bathymetry and granular representation of wells, as well as associated metadata, are incorporated into live 3D map rendering
  • Flexible workspace – added functionality such as dockable windows, improved toolkits, and increased controls offers high-level, intuitive and personalized interaction within the 3D landscape
  • Bigger data – multiple integrations from third-party packages will provide operators with an enriched experience that encourages high-level, collaborative understanding across field planning, project management, economic modeling and compliancy


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