ICCB Orders Landing Craft for Offshore Energy Projects


Dublin-based Irish Commercial Charter Boats (ICCB) has ordered a bespoke 12-meter landing craft to support a wave of offshore energy projects on the horizon. The Chartwell Marine-designed vessel will be built at the Arklow Marine shipyard starting this month for schedule delivery in summer 2021.

With a number of large-scale energy projects coming to Irish waters, the aluminum vessel has been developed to meet ICCB’s expanding operational requirements, including surveying, assisting with cable landing and transporting supplies and personnel to near-shore offshore installations. To ensure maximum versatility in the shallow waters around the East Irish coast, the vessel has a shallow draft and can operate in depths of 0.8 meters.

In response to calls for greater maneuverability and operational versatility, Chartwell has delivered a market first design, with the vessel set to be fitted with two OXE diesel outboard engines. A spare engine can be carried onboard, allowing for emergency replacement offshore if required. Diesel engines have lower emissions than petrol for this operational profile, but Chartwell’s configuration offers the flexibility to easily install electric outboard motors and batteries when the technology matures – future proofing the vessel against more stringent emissions requirements, the designer said. The vessel has also been MSO-certified, paving the way for the next generation of efficient, flexible vessels.

Andy Page, Managing Director, Chartwell Marine, said, “ICCB is one of the select few operators in Ireland with the expertise to support offshore operations. We’ve designed the landing craft with ICCB’s specific operational needs on the Irish coast in mind. The business has brought together a world-class skillset and will be optimally placed to support Irish offshore wind from its base on the East Coast.”

Eoin Grimes, Director, Irish Commercial Charter Boats, said, “We’re excited to help drive the development of the next generation of Irish offshore support vessels. Chartwell Marine’s vessel offers us unparalleled maneuverability and versatility, especially in the shallow waters around Ireland, which will be vital as we continue to diversify our offering to the offshore energy market.”  

With seven offshore wind projects fast tracked for development, Ireland’s vessel builders are set to benefit from a boost as the maritime supply chain ramps up.

Billy Tyrrell, Director, Arklow Marine Services, said, “Ireland needs offshore support services in increasing quantity and the sector is poised for rapid growth. We’re proud to be playing a key role in building out that all-important maritime supply chain. It’s also critical that vessel platforms built now, such as ICCB’s landing craft, are ready to respond to changing emissions requirements. Chartwell Marine has a track record of workboat designs that are optimized for efficiency and performance.”

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