Alcatel Submarine Networks Bags Northern Lights, Breidablikk Deals with Equinor


Alcatel Submarine Networks, part of Nokia, has this month signed deals with Equinor to deliver submarine cables for subsea control infrastructure for the Northern Lights CCS project as well as for the Breidablikk offshore development.

The Northern Lights project is part of the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project Langskip (Longship), supported by the Norwegian government. Northern Lights will transport liquid CO2 from capture facilities to a terminal at Øygarden in Vestland County. From there, CO2 will be pumped through pipelines to a reservoir beneath the seabed.

As part of the Northern Lights carbon capture and storage project, Alcatel Submarine Networks’ standalone DC/FO cable infrastructure, delivering high-power and fiber connectivity over long distances, will connect the Oseberg A platform, to the Aurora CO2 injection well.

"The system is ready to be further extended, from the same cable, whatever the distance, to connect additional templates as the volume of captured CO2 will be increased, Alcatel Submarine Networks said.

"DC/FO solution to be deployed on Northern Lights, is based on standardized products, whatever the project configuration, saving risks, costs, and lead time. DC/FO, qualified and co-developed with Equinor, is contracted on several Equinor projects," the company said.

T. Alain Biston, President of Alcatel Submarine Networks said the project gave the company the opportunity to leverage submarine network technologies to develop new green subsea applications.


Separately, Equinor and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) signed a new contract for the roll-out of the DC/FO submarine cable for subsea control infrastructure for Equinor’s Breidablikk field development. The Breidablikk field is located in the Norwegian part of the North Sea, and will be a subsea development tied back to the Grane platform. 

The DC/FO cable infrastructure will offer power and coms from Grane to four 6-slots subsea templates. The system may be further extended, from the same riser slot, to connect additional templates or Underwater Intervention Drone (UIDTM) subsea docking stations qualified by Equinor, Alcatel Submarine Networks said.

Biston said that the Breidablikk award was an opportunity to demonstrate that DC/FO "is now a mature technology which meets key Oil & Gas companies current requirements.”

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