Proserv, Intelligent Plant Ink Deal Aiming to Drive Digital Evolution


Proserv Controls signed a strategic alliance with software engineering firm Intelligent Plant, a deal aimed to deliver advanced control systems and data analysis to provide operators with digital solutions tailored to their needs and feedback. 

The announcement follows a broader industry trend toward leveraging true digitalization to help rationalize efficiencies in the offshore industry. Ultimately the tie-up with Proserv and Intelligent plan will integrate improved visibility of system information, and key metrics, enabling more effective monitoring of core equipment and a the ability to predict issues and failures. 

“Proserv and Intelligent Plant have shared values around innovation and open, accessible solutions whether that is supplying or upgrading control systems or in data analysis. We repeatedly hear how operators would like to do more with their data as they believe it will create new value or reduce costs. Unfortunately, this is not happening today because the focus is on cost reductions through headcount, resulting in subject matter expert (SME) bandwidth deprivation," said Stuart Harvey, Digital Innovation Manager, Proserv Controls, in explaining one of the main differentiators of the new collaboration will be a commitment to transparency around data access while ensuring  security levels are  maintained. “The only other alternative is to outsource, where those that provide this service create barriers for their clients regarding open access to data, leading to an effective lock-in. This agreement aims to address and resolve both of those frustrations for the greater good of our industry and our energy transition.”

A key component of the deal transcends the two organization's capability to supply control systems and support, plus an advanced means of capturing data from those systems, but critically too the pairing can facilitate and supply that necessary SME bandwidth and expertise to add context and extract value with the aim to deliver state-of-the-art condition monitoring capabilities.

The two firms intend to deliver this model across the sector, and initially they are engaging with independent operators who currently struggle to find the internal resources, including bandwidth, to maximize gains from their data. Proserv and Intelligent Plant plan to partner with these firms to develop open, accessible digital solutions that correlate directly to requirements and give much greater visibility of system operations.

The Future is Now

While many organizations are on the digitalization path, Steve Aitken, Founder, Intelligent Plant, said “this agreement isn’t solely focused on future solutions and opportunities. It is very much about today. “We can roll out this digital and analytics service for a client right now. We have the relevant expertise around control systems and data analysis; we have the means to supply the vital SME bandwidth and we want forward-looking clients to connect with us and tell us exactly what they need.”

This announcement comes two months after Proserv unveiled a strategic agreement with power system monitoring leader Synaptec to develop an integrated holistic cable monitoring system for the offshore wind renewables segment. 

Assessing the deal announced this week, Davis Larssen, CEO, Proserv Controls, said, “this strategic alliance with Intelligent Plant represents another crucial step on our technology roadmap and our goal of creating disruptive, technology-driven solutions. Stuart and Steve have shaped an innovative model that boldly challenges the status quo around data lock-ins.”

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