UK: Offshore Oil & Gas Body Launches Diversity and Inclusion Survey


OGUK, the representative organization for the UK offshore oil and gas industry, has started "a first-of-its-kind" survey that will deliver a baseline for diversity and inclusion (D&I) demographic and sentiment within the sector. OGUK said the survey will act as an essential catalyst for progress and change.

"As the energy mix becomes increasingly integrated, differences of perspective and background will be the key to harnessing the new ideas, disruptive innovations, and future ways of working that will propel us forward. The feedback provided by survey participants will play a pivotal role in promoting D&I, which will be a critical success factor in the industry’s journey towards realizing Roadmap 2035," OGUK said.

Craig Shanaghey, President, Operations Services (Europe & Africa) at Wood, and D&I Task Group Chair, said: “The challenges we are facing as an industry require us to collectively think, behave, and act differently. At this critical juncture, we will only be able to turn those challenges into opportunities by unlocking the full potential of our talent pool; by creating the space for diversity of thought and perspective that are essential as we race to keep pace with the fast-changing world around us.

Better business

Shanaghey said: "As a Task Group, we recognize the broad acknowledgment that a move to better D&I means a better employee experience, it means a better culture, and it means better business. But the challenge is about how we drive that change – it is a complex and ever-evolving journey that requires constant focus and effort.

"The results of this survey will give us the much-needed insight to not only understand our collective baseline for diversity and inclusion, but more crucially, to be able to decipher the meaningful and impactful actions that can drive positive change and, ultimately, underpin our delivery of Roadmap 2035.”

OGUK chief executive Deirdre Michie said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of our industry-wide survey on diversity and inclusion. This is an important piece of work that will enable us to really understand where we are as an industry and where we need to get to, in order to attract and retain the talent we need to secure our future by providing solutions to some of the key challenges facing our sector in the short and longer-term.

“It will ensure we are shining a spotlight on good examples of D&I practice, as well as initiatives to drive and improve inclusion and diversity.

“If we’re serious about realizing the exciting opportunities in the UK energy sector then people must feel empowered to be themselves and this industry must attract and retain diverse people.

“D&I is critical to our efforts in delivering Roadmap 2035 – by fostering a diverse and inclusive working culture, we will secure and retain new talent, bring new perspectives and ideas to the fore and, ultimately, expand supply chain opportunities whilst continuing to contribute to the UK’s vital security of energy supply.”

The anonymized and confidential survey, developed by OGUK’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Group with Robert Gordon University (RGU), will remain open until Thursday, 31 December.

According to OGUK, the survey is is accessible to all individuals within the oil and gas industry, including those who may recently have retired, or are currently off work or between jobs but are able to share input from their experience at previous organizations. Results and insights are expected in Q1 2021.

Take the survey here

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